Vaccine Fundamentals

Vaccines play an essential position in preserving us wholesome. They defend us from severe and generally lethal illnesses — like haemophilusinfluenzae sort b (Hib) and measles.

It’s regular to have questions on vaccines. works with scientists and docs to reply your questions and supply the data it’s worthwhile to get vaccinated.

On this part of the location, you’ll discover the solutions to frequent questions like:

After you have the data you want, just be sure you and your loved ones are up-to-date in your vaccinations — they’re your greatest shot towards severe, preventable sickness. Discover extra solutions to frequent questions on vaccines.

A couple of useful phrases

As you find out about vaccines and the way they defend you, it could be useful to know the distinction between vaccines, vaccinations, and immunizations.


A vaccine is made out of very small quantities of weak or lifeless germs that may trigger illnesses — for instance, viruses, micro organism, or toxins. It prepares your physique to combat the illness sooner and extra successfully so that you gained’t get sick.

Instance: Kids youthful than age 13 want 2 doses of the chickenpox vaccine.


Vaccination is the act of getting a vaccine, often as a shot.

Instance: Schedule your tetanus vaccination at the moment.


Immunization is the method of changing into proof against (protected towards) a illness.

Instance: Due to continued and widespread immunization in the US, it’s uncommon for People to get polio.

Immunization may also imply the method of getting vaccinated. For instance, your “immunization schedule,” is the timing of your pictures.


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