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At the moment’s Date, January 20+5, 2021

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House climate every day exhibits excessive corona mass ejections sunspot exercise sending radio flux to Earth

Pretend Assinine Masks identified in acronym phrases as FAM pronounced with a protracted vowel A like fame breathes higher than your political fakes do once they faux fake they’re carrying condoms on their faux ass faces and the way they faux care about your well being RECALL ALL THESE FAKE ASS POLITICAL LEADERS RECALL GAVIN

Pretend Ass Testing (FAT) The extra you cycle the PCR ‘take a look at’ which isn’t a take a look at however a technique for aplification the extra error, thus, PCR outcomes are offering a faux casedemic used to scare everybody for enjoyable and revenue. PCR has zero accuracy fee at 35 or extra cycles.

Biden shuts off UK, South Africa, Brazil from journey to USA ‘in your well being’ as a result of there is a new snowflake virus variant alleged as each virus is exclusive and has the potential to create an avalanche, thus authorities should ‘management’ these variants to avoid wasting everybody from harmful unicorns, whereas he plans to tear down all of Trump’s border partitions and unlawful immigrants can be given limousine rides in, everybody of them will get a free automotive, no want for insurance coverage, and so forth. as a result of they deserve it.

Who’re these folks telling us to lock down and masks our youngsters and destroy our companies ‘for our well being’ and are they really honest or are we getting used? Comply with the cash path right here to discover one large enormous pot of gold for somebody.

There isn’t a higher hoax perpetrated on man than is that of looking viruses.

The Keystone Pipeline is cancelled this can add extra insult to harm to each American and Canadian economies however who cares so long as we save the planet, kill viruses which can be not residing issues, kill jobs that nobody wants ‘for his or her well being’ unicorns will defend us.

Dutch are rejecting curfew fast clip why would they do such a factor?

Ski touring with my canine in winter calming and fulfilling even throughout a time when the planet is spinning at an extremely gradual pace of 1 rotation per 24 hours

Rasnik says viruses are so all so completely different they’re like snowflakes no two are alike, which, if we pause from the worry porn, and meditate on this, and examine to what the pharma pushed hustles inform us, we discover that the virus hunters push the lie that particular person viruses are ‘found’ and we have to go to warfare with them so it is a contradiction, who has it proper? Presently we’re in WWIII the combat of the invisible mutating snowflake harmful unicorn. We’re decided to win this battle in any respect prices so long as all of the wealthy get every part we go away behind as we combat. That’s how all wars are fought.

At the moment’s Date, January 20+4, 2021

The hearth truck is on hearth is how the mitten enterprise is described having ‘burned down’ as excessive taxes put her out. That is how politicians are operating the present now as they’re “constructing the airplane whereas flying it”.

Assistance is on the way in which hearken to it play and go searching and say goodbye to lockdowns at the moment.

We used to have a flu season then in 2020 it disappeared by a medical miracle phantasm of redefinitions concerning harmful unicorns that can’t even be seen or measured within the air wherever.

Women and men will not be equivalent. The founding paperwork of America say ‘males and girls are equal’. This doesn’t imply equivalent. That logic doesn’t matter to Biden and Democrats.

Trump can finish the lockdowns immediately with out being President. An0maly talks about this about 10 minutes into his present.

Love doesn’t imply staying away from family members however that’s what the advert on the radio was selling. It mentioned “Love means staying away”. It was sponsored by some so known as ‘well being’ group that runs in your cash and much and many it. Does anybody truly imagine any of this inverse logic Dystopian Orwellian crap that claims we have to shun our beloved ones to point out they we love them? That is insane psychosis and reverse of wholesome. Reject all such propoganda in your well being.

Nationwide Guard sleeps on high of one another in the parking storage with little to no innefective anyway distancing there or once they have been on the sides of the street in the course of the procession they have been pressured there by the brand new previous President Biden ‘well being emergency’ hypocrites do they actually assume the general public is so silly as to not discover the lies?

Weimar District Court docket has discovered that the Authorities’s social distancing guidelines are incompatible with the nation’s structure

HI virus the opposite harmful unicorn had a variant too as advertising and marketing hype has infiltrated once more inseminating so many with it is DNA “At no time, subsequently, has there been a concrete hazard of the well being service’s being overwhelmed by a ‘wave’ of COVID-19 sufferers.”

US Home nonetheless is pushing impeaching Trump although he’s not President. Is ‘let it go already’ banned from the Home and Senate guidelines now together with these adjustments made that disallow referring to males and girls as their gender as an alternative making the reference be ‘it’ or ‘parasite’ as plainly’s how authorities is taking a look at folks now.

Maskless shoppering success at Ralphs in Los Angeles as they ship the cops in swarms in response. The group efficiently purchased issues and paid for them peacefully within the new United States of World Dystopian Phantasm Masktardation carried out due to worry of harmful unicorns delivered to you by the medical group and sure teams that has the well being of their pensions and portfolios at the beginning on their minds.  Cops swarmed like bees and the gal filming says to her associates how she ‘trolled’ them. watch the group current it stay because it occurred outdoors

Respiratory regular with out restriction is a assured proper and so apparent a fundamental want greater than even meals, nobody can power you to chop your oxygen provide with out your consent. In a few of these meals shops the property could also be privately owned by a person or company however since they are a enterprise open to the general public they need to equally accommodate all and never violate human rights #1 being the proper to breathe. These shops all stink now of chemical compounds. Discover although within the movie the damaging chemical substance being sprayed like loopy on the buying carts outdoors, with no 6 foot distance from the worker spraying this harmful chemical. It’s a chemical of which gross sales have soared 45 billion% for the reason that emergency orders of a ‘well being’ disaster. It is like when DDT was sprayed on children within the 1950’s. Well being authorities ordering all this bullshit DO NOT CARE what this does to folks or they might be ordering all this spraying to cease.

It is a tremendous sight and fairly unhappy day once we all get excited merely to seek out regular human that haven’t been pressured into retardation by faux emergency orders by scum politicians that get prodded by medical cults want recall RECALLGAVIN2020.COM.

January 20+3, 2021

Del Bigtree wins combat getting Massachussettes to drop flu vaccine ‘requirement’ for college students, sanity reigns on this location as legal professionals achieve as they at all times do as that is the entire foundation for all of those upsets in our society watch his report.

Kevin Kiley wrote a letter to the brand new honorable previous US president Joe Biden in response to the letter the Governor wrote Biden. Kevin factors out the numerous flaws of the Newsom administration to counter Newsom’s slobbering self aduration that supeceded the self adoration that Narcissis loved by about 6 foot million %. learn the letter right here

Freudian slipper Chuck Schumer says make no mistake there can be a trial and when that trial ends senators must determine in the event that they imagine Donald John Donald John Trump incited the erection.” Clearly Chuck has a factor for Donald John Donald John.

Girls on board with liberals at all times trash the conservatives for being so demanding then they’re demanding it is such a clown present so now they demand the girl be assigned to each company board for variety sake and that gender neutrality is imposed in rule making in Home paperwork so the board reassigns the person who now identifies as a lady and the board can’t record any gender they should be impartial and the liberals complain about that as a result of he was a white girl that may be a they and theys are by no means completely happy.

Killing off the aged with COVID/SCAM that introduced extra of the identical drug infused SNAKE/OIL wrapped in a fairly bow. What if vaccines are all an assault on the immune system did any gross sales pitch ever current that no after all not it will be just like the used automotive salesman telling you all it is flaws, and that the brakes are unhealthy so you’ll solely cease 9 occasions out of 10 giving the automotive a 90% efficacy fee.

The slap in your face Presidency arrives the place no actual folks attended they’re all faux plastic folks largely from woodyville, the one people who have been actual that attended have been the Nationwide Guard after which they have been pressured to sleep within the parking storage. We welcome to our new President with partitions that do not work in our warped new world chemical contaminated dysfunction syndromes that makes Dystopian society seem like one other good go to to a Fauciville transformed theme park that’s now a Frankenmad scientists injection laboratory.

Stage the film is deliberate for launch in Spring 2021 a movie in regards to the Earth being a airplane this indisputable fact that the Earth is flat should be what silly politicians have been referring to the airplane once they exclaimed about their response to final years exaggerated flu response whereas they have been within the airplane hovering excessive above actuality once they acknowledged “We’re flying the airplane whereas constructing it” as a response to public issues as to how they have been destroying enterprise lives as a strategy to handle the unmanagable that doesn’t want managing as he exposes the tax payer funded internment quamps which can be prisons for wholesome folks.

Escape from Resort 666 in Canada Insurgent Information exposes the Toronto quarantine facility ‘beneath development’ in an already constructed Radisson Resort repurposed within the new Dystopia created ‘in your well being’ whereas the elites get richer and richer and richer and everybody round you will get poorer ‘in your well being’ and encounters Patrick Brown himself at a hocky rink not carrying a masks after all because it’s at all times one regulation for thee however not one for he. Is that this taking place within the USA? In all probability.

When a take a look at that does not take a look at for what it assessments for is offered as a take a look at now we have to check what they are saying in regards to the assessments after which discover that once we depend on FAKE/NEWS networks which can be all slothering for billions in advert revenues coming immediately from drug firms which finally you pay for in your medical info you get offered snake oil in a capsule that’s simple to swallow however is venomous. THE/TESTS don’t discover virus.

Trump’s subsequent transfer may be ELECTORAL/REFORM

This digicam isn’t nervous. Why is that this man’s digicam much less shaky than many function streming movies? He travels in a van scoping out nice spots and pans the digicam and stops and its so regular. Within the movie he says he has a GoPro on his head.

January 20+2, 2021

The world didn’t finish as predicted however it’s being pushed nearer. I don’t see how having a masktard within the Presidency goes to repair something. It did settle down Cher although who was a kind of that saved endlessly singing Trump hate like a damaged file in order that’s a reduction.

Girls’s sports activities simply ended as JB/EO says no ‘discrimination’ in sports activities, males should permit ladies to take part and girls should permit males to take part thus no one can be collaborating. In a part of the order it says youngsters shouldn’t be topic to the horrors of not being ready to decide on which bathroom they’ll go to. That is coming from the identical authorities that issued emergency orders that closed restrooms in all places leaving youngsters and adults to simply piss of their pants ‘to be protected’ and ‘defend others’ and ‘cease the unfold’. Perhaps it is time to cease the circulation.

The Paris Local weather Settlement will after all be rejoined beneath the Biden plan to ‘save the universe’ from local weather. It’s primarily based on the fallacy that 1 particle of carbon dioxide per 2,499 different elements of air floating round aimlessly is a risk to humanity. So now that push to ‘save us from local weather change’ although the one reason for local weather altering is from issues we can’t management, I assumed it may be price exhibiting how ugly they give the impression of being and point out how they each burn and create vitality. They draw energy from the grid generally even burning up vitality created by the opposite windmills in the identical farm. Contact on the picture for extra.

The local weather change sword was swung too free as we study so many Joshua Bushes in California can be massacred by photo voltaic panels which can be being put in to save Joshua Bushes. As soon as once more, see when you discover what’s mistaken with that assertion, Joshua Bushes can be massacred by photo voltaic panels designed to avoid wasting Joshua Bushes. That is the design they’ve in place to ‘make things better’.

‘Well being’ authors declare it is wholesome for previous folks to get experimented on by large pharma. These ‘authors’ of your well being all play the identical previous 8-track tape of medical psycho neurotic schizophrenic babble telling us to get examined (utilizing faux assessments that don’t discover virus in any respect) and within the finish the promise is at all times but another new improved as seen on TV vaccination or magic tablets will make things better. This time the drug pushers went too far, damage the world, then inform us the solely strategy to get it again is to be lab rats and run on the wheel and sit subsequent to Pavlov’s canine and study just about not in actuality.

At the moment we learn the ‘well being’ officer in Wyoming claims the previous and frail needs to be first to get the dangerous mRNA chain terminator ‘vaccine’ which isn’t like several earlier vaccine ever made. The ‘well being’ system is contaminated with lies about viruses. There are those who most likely are attempting their greatest however they’ve been brainwashed so unhealthy they can not even see inside their very own bubbles that what they hold saying is contradictory to fundamentals of human well being issues. That is routine although in fashionable medication because the push is principally for earnings and big ones at that.

The hope was that Trump can be elected once more as he was the primary President that was truly taking on these thugs, those that Martin Skrieli identified how unhealthy the business is with the like zillion occasions markup of drug costs the place medias who’re all funded by these drug thugs trashed him because the unhealthy man as an alternative of your complete business and all of the politcians that revenue from all of it changing into multi-millionaires as all of them always vote to maintain the gears lubricated. On this faux pandemic that was shortly known as out at the start as an entire FRAUD because it’s merely the identical virus that’s claimed to trigger chilly and flu politicians, committees, councils have all led America off the cliff as they belief every part mentioned by ‘well being’ authors.

Main these lies and contradcitions are none aside from Anthony Fauci who I discover to be America’s Angel of Gentle however is the Satan in disguise working as a shill for these hucksters in pharmacology and the godzillan medical business that appears at the beginning for it is personal portfolio well being. I watched him lead my homosexual associates off a cliff to their deaths as he provided the ‘resolution’ throughout that equally absurd panic to be AZT a chemical formulation that was a most cancers drug that was pulled off the market within the 1970’s as a result of it CAUSED SO MANY DEATHS. That AZT was added to a ‘cocktail’ and offered with propoganda marketing campaign ‘Hit Exhausting Hit Early’ primarily to the homosexual commuinty each wholesome and frail. It was was like dropping a nuclear bomb in a forest to eliminate one wolf that was consuming too many farm critters and anticipating the forest and the farm to stay.

My message to America is cease listening to these liars. THEY are the issue not any virus that can’t even be discovered within the air wherever. You declare they declare it exists within the air in all places as a risk? Show it is there. There’s ZERO proof of any virus wherever within the air, when you doubt this press all of those folks you may have allowed your world to be destroyed by to point out their take a look at outcomes of it in the air wherever shorter than 5.999 toes VIRUSES ARE AN ILLUSION. They’re made within the physique as a solvent to rid you of toxins. In the event that they have been within the air 6 toes distance wouldn’t cease a single one in every of them any greater than that distance stops mud which actualy will be confirmed to exist within the air and even when they have been there they’re so infinitessimally small they might not float round or get thrown at you to be caught with out you letting go of it such as you do with issues your physique removes that you just discover in the bathroom day-after-day. That’s precisely the place this virus concept that despatched the world right into a tailspin belongs, in the bathroom.

January 20+1, 2021

Welcome to masks retardnation the place it doesn’t matter to anybody that viruses go proper via the material holes of face diapers, the nation wears them anyway as a result of what they’re now ‘cool’? It is silly.

Youngsters are dropping hope for the longer term. Psychological well being is declining as ‘well being’ authorities hover over everybody micromanaging every part in order that they make out like bandits.

Watch the Speaker of what was a traditional meeting of the Home of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, struggling to breathe as she declares it is it is accountability to ‘uphold the Structure of the USA’ whereas for the final 12 months it and it is minions have pressured on the general public faux safety units, the carrying of face masks, which can be a denial of fundamental human rights assured within the Structure and don’t cease any virus that has by no means been correctly remoted thus has by no means scientifically correctly been confirmed to even exist.

The stench of the political theatre is getting tougher to face after watching the final 12 months of indocrtine nation. This factor (I can’t check with her with a gender non-neutral time period as it is dictated that such reference is improper) ought to hear to Gary Null who mentions L-Cystine an amino acid might assist with it is dimentia. Beans have tons of this amino acid together with a wide range of different amino acids. In addition they have huge quantities of fiber. It is simple to get these amino acids the constructing blocks of protein from beans. Eat numerous beans in your well being.

Let’s speak about America and what occurred on day-20 and the scizophrenification of the world occurred in of all locations Toronto, Canada.

Beware those who declare the brand new illigimate president bully who’s associates made positive he’d win or they’d take your lunch cash has declared everybody should now put on masks in all places, he/she/it solely ordered that for federal owned buildings, air house, issues like that. He/she/it solely has authority for that, he/she/it has no authority by mere declaration over your well being care and proper to breathe absolutely, nor does any meals retailer.

Management freakism goes wild in 2020 Jon Rappoport has been enlightening many for the reason that first lie in regards to the faux curve and the flat out lie that we’d should endure a mere 2 weeks to flatten what was non-existent. Socialistpaths needs to be quarantined earlier than anybody. The aim from the beginning deliberate a long time prior was and nonetheless is the profitable enterprise of pressured and coerced vaccinations that aren’t vital for anybody because the physique is the one system that may immunize.

WHAT’S NEXT now that the B-word is the ‘bastard’ in cost? Illigitimacy is the brand new regular. NEXT comes THE PATRIOT PARTY 2024. If you do not have a clue what’s NEXT you do not have a clue what’s NEXT.

What’s NEXT is what we simply noticed, Democrats win their President and bounce over the online, take the racket, smash it on their opponent as an alternative of shaking palms. They’re calling for Trump supporters to be BLACK listed, masked for 100 days by power or taken to Focus Camps, that is all racist, colorist, pompist.

Proof of what is NEXT, when you doubt this is what’s NEXT assume Apple Pc and NEXT, Apple Corp success that got here to many shock because it was only a struggling pc firm got here later after NEXT. It’s the basis that made it soar into the stratosphere, primarily based on NEXT platform. Trump was just like the NEXT platform, it was actual, it was a incredible concept DTS/MAGA, it was there for a bit, it pale for now, didn’t catch on large use. It can take a special kind in a number of bit years and be THE/NEXT large factor that can final and revolutionize.

In consideration of what is NEXT Tom Woods discusses the Dwell and Let Dwell Iniative with consideration that the concepts of LIBERTY and non-aggression rules may be what’s NEXT. Liberty is not only be girl like as seen within the harbor of New York Metropolis, it’s a patented design of freedom to stay with out authorities oppression run amok.

Then again, and possibly slight of hand, somebody who skilled and is aware of the ins and outs of the complexities of presidency is usually a good factor. We’ll solely take a look at that hand every now and then as throwing stuff is extra enjoyable.

January 20, 2021

The Earth is flat and Biden is President. Examine the time and test your traitor ship on the door. All downvotes on the stay stream so unhealthy White Home eliminated it. Democrat associates that voted for Hillary in 2016 all voted for Trump this time. They turned off feedback as they have been all so damaging. That is all an phantasm proper? Doesn’t go the scent take a look at. Watch all of the world’s liars and their faux pictures. MAGA/JUMP for Trump the disco.

Joe is non-essential. He was put in not elected. He is like a irritating Home windows 95 OS blue display screen of demise you cannot eliminate. He is like that ‘virus’ safety software program you put in that as an alternative takes over your system and places advertisements throughout your browser. Even my Democrat associates voted for Trump this time round. JB is an previous fart working system. Nobody needed that putrid piece of historic political rubbish. He is just like the Nice Oceanic Masks Patch that appeared in 2020 destroying all eco-life. Maskery is one other 100 days of baby abuse & grownup torture. Bear in mind it is a serving suggestion. Gaga monster, we deleted your music, not thinking about your sickening show of condescending piousocity. The inauguration was a disgusting puke fest for less than the elitist masks charade items of virus which is all of the PCR take a look at finds and the inauguration masks charade was an insult to all who fought for FREEDOM.

Looking for. Biden’s supporters is like looking for ‘the virus’ neither exist in any substantial amount although in contrast to viruses that are cleaning soap followers are a risk. We do see how illigitimate one feels about variety although as actions converse louder than whines after listening to incessant lies that he is probably the most inclusive variety factor ever seen on planet Earth, as immediately he fires an African-American S. G. Gerome Adams and these globalist stooges are attempting to do the identical factor to Trump supporters as Russian communists did to Kulaks nothing to see there? Biden’s accomplisments are like viruses THEY DON’T EXIST besides within the Corona Gentle Zone the place we get the lies about viruses being illuminated from the Solar.

China virus free is thee. WHO launched new diagnosing knowledge for PCR testing for The China Virus (TCV) should have 2 assessments that come out optimistic AND signs of chilly or flu so that you can be labeled having TCV. This occurred the identical day of inauguration as corona when you search for the phrase means ‘king’ and that’s what that is all about, dictatorships. They hijacked the election, put in the brand new Failing OS, the display screen is refreshed, working for the second, and the medical cons will now get every part they ever needed for Christmas for the final 100 years and sufficient presents for the following 200. The issue with Trump was one factor, he calls ‘the vaccine’ a medical miracle. It is shit. There isn’t a vaccine it’s genetic engineering. The expertise is primitive, like anticipating a cave man to construct an auto meeting plant earlier than inventing the wheel first and discovering wind generators that can be used to create asphault as that is what the liberal goons found within the millennium, wind vitality creates carbon free roads, that’s, the new air coming from all of the blowhards like that AOC babblehead in Congress. The faux genetic engineering injection improve to your God given working system can be no higher with the B-word answerable for your ‘well being’ as directed by King Fraudci. The pollitical elite are all are misplaced within the medical drug business propoganda brainwashing in regards to the V-word. Caveat emptor.

January 19, 2021

This present day is particular and is well known and rememberd by those that despise the completely damaging reason for wars. This present day remembers those that fought in America’s largest civil disturbance catastrophe to it is folks wiping out 2% it is citizen inhabitants. This can be a very big day to recollect in American historical past. It recollects in honor the horrific disturbance occurred within the 1800’s when America was a teenager and it is symbology ought to at all times be revered.  extra

This flu world dystopian nightmare of leaping again to a 6 foot distance and immediatly grabbing that masks and placing it on in a rush when somebody sneezes whereas they cowl their mouths will NOT be our future. That is baby abuse. That is cult brainwashing. It isn’t primarily based on logic or science. They say do not permit your children to hug different children even when they’ve the genetic engineering carried out on them with the injection of physician fraudsee’s brew. Each one in every of them should masks up if anybody even exhales. If this does not make the Cult of Wuhan Jab Labs apparent as to their plan to transform everybody to their faith what is going to get it via humanities thick faculties?

Babble heads in Congress: The younger know-it-all that is aware of nothing factor in Congress refused to go to see what actual focus camps regarded like in Poland when the President of Poland there invited the disgusting mendacity faux monster that was faux making a scene about alleged children in cages propoganda. She and the many different disgusting socialist squad members incessantly screamed their silly heads off for the final 5 years. Mood tantrums. Behave.

There was no science in vaxology says the previous man in a shoe.

Slave masks are unhealthy in your well being – your masters of phantasm do not care as a result of they solely care in regards to the ‘well being’ of their portfolios.

Quarantine = Kaching!

Please don’t name it a vaccine it’s genetic engineering being carried out in a highschool science lab. The China Flu Bug Virus factor that drug pushers are dumping on the world vaccines as a means to return to regular is an enormous fraud and is an experiment like Tuskeegee. Keep away indicators fell down. Folks hold making an attempt to place them again up however the hurricane forces of contemporary medias hold blowing them down. They day DANGER. It is like getting close to a fallen energy line whereas standing in a puddle of water. Do you actually need to experiment with modifying your genetics at their core when it is a completely unproven science and individuals are getting used as lab rats as apparently THE/SCIENCE caved to the animal rights teams?

Within the previous daze they have been known as ‘Medicare scams’, they got here up with a greater plan. Come it from Wuhan nobody can confirm that it is all faux. Inform them to panic and keep residence as an alternative of operating within the streets. Obey the masks mandates they are saying it is an order not the structure. Youngster drops from lack of oxygen. Mom says “as a result of masks” Fauci says “as a result of viru$”.

The farm employees are available to Canada go to authorities run amenities 14 days or extra. They get meals and shelter. Empolyers in Canada should pay 30 hours of labor every weeek for doing nothing. Taxpayers foot the invoice for all of the amenities and administration. Virus looking is large cash. You can not simply catch a virus and maintain onto that perpetually any greater than you possibly can solely catch a baseball and maintain on to it perpetually simply strive it, see how lengthy you possibly can maintain that baseball, I guess you possibly can’t get previous 1 hour, however you possibly can maintain on to virus myths.

They get a free go, they get a free go, and so they get a free go, 22 million free entry passes for everybody crossing the border now. At the very least now all of the border partitions can be torn down, besides after all, those round all these elitist mendacity cons estates.

The Immunologist Professor Dolores Cahill is doing the correct science and presents how you can cease the bogus lockdowns which can be all primarily based on bogus PCR testing that’s being misinterpreted. It is just like the interpreter tells you that the one that mentioned they’ll research how Anthony Fauci and CDC and WHO lie in a language you do not perceive, interprets it to you so that you imagine he mentioned he was going to unfold manure on the pasture institute and the way the United States received conned into letting a person steal an election. Additionally go to

Public ‘well being’ orders don’t apply to authorities? Watch the general public ‘official’ of Manitoba, Canada inform us this fascinating tidbit which highlights that none of it’s primarily based on science.

Work across the details A theatrical avenue presentation of what all of the mendacity cons of the world have imposed on humanity, none of those protecting outfits cease any virus it’s all political medical theatre to steal from you. Margaret Heckler the USA Well being and Human Companies secretary acknowledged within the 1980’s that condoms do not defend anybody from viruses any greater than an open door stops flies. These details don’t cease politicians and corrupt medical societies and drug pushers from infusing the world with their lies.

Suicide calls to hotlines rise 8,000% in 2020. ‘Well being’ departments created this drawback with their virus looking neurosis.

California Division of ‘well being’ halts human lab rat Moderna vaxperiment as there are too many folks dying from the injection or getting horrible outcomes. Is it not apparent but that they do not know what the hell they are doing? Virus looking is a mania. From day one 2020 they have been appearing like crazed lunatics. Shutting down the world, distancing, chemical spray in your face and air lowering oxygen, masks, none of this does something wholesome besides create wholesome earnings. This identical factor occurred with “Hit Exhausting Hit Early” the place within the AIDS mania hysterics within the 1990’s drug pushers and their TV community shills offered the poison to the homosexual group even with out signs of illness. It was actually overkill.

Adam Kinzinger a Republican RHINO does not do his homework. Even foremost stream uncooked sewage channels now have needed to stroll again all their as regular overly dramatic claims on the occasion on the sixth. ADAM/SAYS he didn’t have to find proof for impeaching Trump. Chuckle your virus off each time he speaks. is again on-line after GoDaddy website online internet hosting tore it down when it acquired one grievance. I removed that internet hosting service 100,000 years in the past in bit time as I didn’t like their techniques.

They and Matt Hancock the UK shorthand secretary of ‘well being’ that does not know his virus from a gap within the floor as the flu was renamed need to vaccinate the entire world although they do not know if it’ll work, have by no means remoted ‘the virus’, by no means inform the general public that the physique is a producing plant for viruses, does not inform the public that the rooster little vaccine rushed to market as an experiment on humanity is harmful, these are the politicial liars that babble on and on with their lies whereas cashing in as strains of viruses that are made by the physique to take away toxins – not assault cells – are like snowflakes, you do not go vaccinating the ambiance to cease precipitation storms. Vaccines are an existential risk to humanity. Have a look at the ingredient labels some include cow puss and monkey elements injected immediately into one ‘for his or her well being’ whereas all of the portfolios giggle all the way in which to Rancho Mirage and different unique places artificially intelligizing stupidly.

The paradox: To ‘save lives’ the world authors of dictate have shut down journey, enterprise, and so many elements of society in an abundance of warning. To repair ‘the issue’ they provide a vaccine the place they throw abundance of warning to the wind.

This man’s wall is on hearth and as we watch the burn he discusses the truth that candles are made out of petroleum and are unhealthy. Solely beeswax candles are protected from the burned petrochemical fumes. So make sure to steal the bees wax to avoid wasting the world from petro fumes. He actually ought to script first earlier than producing.

As soon as once more now we have information sludge studies pushing mumps vaccines but 97% of those that received it out of the small handful of 100 have been already vaccinated with mumps. Vaccination numbers by no means add up apart from the portfolios. Stephen Lanka proved in court docket that measles was not brought on by a virus. Why do TV networks hold promoting us lies about viruse$? Have a look at their advertisers no additional.

Andrew Cuomo is an evil empire. He plans to carpetuglify his state of New York with wind mills that waste vitality.

It is time to resonante a particular approach that particularly helps once you see your mom in regulation

Trump requires peace, civility, order and naturally Democrats insist what he’s actually saying is the alternative, these are the folks you need operating the clown act?

Aspen, Colorado ‘well being’ authoritiy dictators shut down indoor eating in eating places in the course of winter ‘in your well being’ leaving many unemployed forraging for meals within the woods

Watch the David Knight present

To be pressured to put on a face masks is against the law all around the world exempt

Make Influenza Nice Once more as new labels are evil dicks

San Diego Supervisor Nathan Fletcher: He is all for ruining everybody’s life with all these dictatorial illogical elitist lockdown orderd and acknowledged, “If you are going through third and lengthy, that is a state of affairs the place you oughtta hearken to soccer coaches” and “Should you’re going through a world pandemic, that may be a state of affairs the place you oughtta make positive you are listening to public well being specialists and docs.” Our query for him, “What about when it is a faux pandemic, and all of the officers are simply doing what they’re advised, and giving the general public pointers that lead us off cliffs?” which is strictly what that is as all those that are pushing this are making out like bandits whereas making the general public seem like they are the bandits. Beginning to see the psychology behind this but?

Kary Mullis on PCR assessments and the HI virus 12 July 1997 Santa Monica

50,000 companies in Italy lastly all defy lockdowns over faux virus threats OPEN WATCH

Whereas authorities spends trillions injecting cash into propoganda campaigns for drug and injection pushers and governments kill companies this roadside enterprise determined to tell the general public of the reality in regards to the ‘covid’ fraud.

Injecting the very factor you don’t need in your physique so as to not get it’s amazingly silly and/or corrupt when it is pressured on you. It is kinda like getting raped and inseminated to be protected against getting raped and having an undesirable child boy the place the spiritual ritual kicks in that instantly hacks off a part of it is dick. The world of vaccination and circumcision child genital mutilation is evil. Injecting poisons is unhealthy. Chopping off child physique elements for well being is a lie and a horror to humanity. Injections of something doesn’t present any immunity. Solely your physique supplies immunity. Artificial immunity is like consuming beef made from nylon. Inform your drug pushers they’re fired. They may have matches so get ear plugs. Trump is planning to fireplace all of them why do you assume they’re doing what they’re doing to the world. Democrats are particularly hooked on the medical and scientific funding that is why they hate Trump. It isn’t apparent but.

Bear in mind THE/VACCINE isn’t like several you may have ever had, for one a DNA experimental home of playing cards, it is faux emergency accepted solely. It’s in take a look at section for two years earlier than it may be licensed if deemed protected sufficient, that means if solely 10% of the inhabitants will get sick from it or dies then it may be licensed. Assessments section like this was carried out first on animals, all of the animals died in comparable assessments utilizing corona virus vaccines, people are actually the rodents. Should you succumb to the lies and get a vaccine you possibly can get saline, menengitis, or the take a look at injection serum. It is grow to be so apparent the medical institution and ‘well being’ departments will not be training ‘first do no hurt’.

Democrats and liberal medias routinely incite the general public then declare another person did it, it’s identical to what the bully within the college yard did only a reminder, they complain the loudest about bullies after which do precisely that. It is like that hyper macho straight dude that later we discover out is homosexual.

One other 23 good people died after getting injected with ‘covid’ poisons hear in

United States of America’s medical corrupt says that Wuhan lab employees received the C-word like signs earlier than the PAN icidemic began. In different phrases they received the flu after Christmas throughout winter chilly snap. If we put it that means it does not promote advert house and it does not get Congress in a panic the place they then throw trillions of your {dollars} to the drug firms to take care of what’s previous situations that largely heal on their personal. Bear in mind World “well being” group redefined pandemic to incorporate a cough and sneeze that you just caught too that means the begin of the pandemic was 2 folks.


What position does PAN play in a pandemic?

Newsom is a shame to humanity says actor John Voight and about 7 billion different folks on the planet finish the masks charade & the large pharma newest PANscamic

California Health Alliance is working to revive our well being golf equipment and gymnasiums, the newest date to look towards is February 2nd which is when the court docket will set a trial date to finish the limitless faux emergency restrictions which have decimated an business that saved folks wholesome

Man’s greatest good friend at all times supplies vitality undertake a pet at the moment

It is odd to see folks create guidelines and legal guidelines that forbid HATE then watch them HATE a President who was the one one which wasn’t a profession politician whereas they unfold HATE greater than others & and bully folks with face masks that CUT OFF OXYGEN SUPPLY my God how way more apparent does it must be that they’re filled with uncooked sewage.

Pretend information is actual. CBS staged testing occasion. Pretend assessments. Pretend sufferers. Pretend Pretend Pretend. So like that is information? Every thing on TV is faux. If you would like actual exit facet, go to an actual church, go to an actual place the place there are folks. TV is faux.

They do not need you to return to DC as a result of then solely the sludge stream medias can be there dumping what ever they need on you and rub your face in it. Here’s a refreshing take from an trustworthy reporter there. watch

The vaccines for final years ‘covid’ pressure are already out of date as there’s an asserted not confirmed new pressure and simply identical to how they research the numerous strains of snowflakes that no two are alike they cannot sustain with the always mutating weakening strains of virus so watching the information studies about Disneyland changing into a ‘vaccination’ web site and stadiums is like watching an episode of The Twilight Zone whatta experience. The dangerous injections are all in take a look at section, they don’t seem to be licensed like a traditional vaccine it is a 2 12 months take a look at, they’re solely accepted for human guinea pigs on this faux emergency. Caveat emptor.

Girl who works in hospital shares her emotions in regards to the corruption within the newest as seen on TV disaster and says it is time for the entire factor to return crashing down. watch her converse whereas driving

We kinda heard this crashing down factor from many who noticed this fraud evolve again at the start, it is now 306.666 days into this abuse of energy combined in with stupidity the place they the public well being officers claimed solely 2 weeks to ‘flatten the curve’. Elect Kevin Kiley is preserving on high of those fraudsters in energy with lawsuit as is the California Health Alliance and others. Anybody who at this level sides with Newsom and these well being goons has received to appreciate their lies are the an infection. There isn’t any new virus. That is ALL ABOUT MONEY not your well being.

Enterprise: Some are waking as much as the corona virus illness fraud as we discover one in every of them put up a digital billboard in entrance of their gasoline station telling the general public numerous issues realized about THE/VIRUS and the experiment on people as guinea pigs with the RNA chain breaking expertise disingenuously marketed as a ‘vaxxine’. Virology is one pig pile of fraud for enormous earnings not your well being. If any virus is within the air because the virus cult leaders exclaim and overly proassert have them present us the take a look at for them within the air. They don’t exist. No take a look at exists for them in the air as a result of viruses don’t exist within the air. The masks charade should finish. watch the signal inform us stuff we’d not know

D-day: What to do on January 20, 2021 Inauguration Day

Very first thing within the morning even earlier than your morning espresso go to your native recycling facility and provides them the recyclable thought that we are going to have a Savior sworn in to the US Presidency who will not be crucified. Then go do one thing extra productive, one thing else, play on the park, go to associates, there can be nothing to see however a faux virus faux safety face masketeer muffling one thing silly once more about our over proexistence on planet Earth, and it is going to be all faux digital crap nobody desires to observe, even 1940’s tv was higher than all these digital nonsense to maintain you FAKE/SAFE nobody allowed up near cease the unfold of viral lies. It will likely be simply the worst day in celebration inauguration ever in American historical past, or possibly an excellent hero will are available made out of pc graphics.

Testing: Should you do go to Washington be ready to be stopped and checked to be sure you will not be drunk with energy there’s a level the place all of us understand that these drunk on energy are a hazard to others and themselves. click on the picture of pylons that are movable guides to observe the enjoyable video

Views: Seeing folks in masks reminds us of the horrors of slavery all through hundreds of years so it is a good factor. It is all an fascinating view on human behaviors.

Open for enterprise: This gymnasium proprietor > didn’t shut down nor does he require submission to nugatory face masks slavery.He’s 2020 Hero Of The 12 months.Sadly although to attempt to adjust to well being division calls for that aren’t primarily based on science he routinely sprays and wipes all his tools with harmful chemical fumigants that lowers oxygen provides indoors to observe that portion of ‘well being’ authority mandate to kill viruses which aren’t residing issues. We’re being routinely lied to about viruses. These chemical compounds are dangerous and never vital. It is one other rip-off by the petro-chemical-medical-pharma industries to push extra dangerous merchandise for whopping earnings and that sucking sound you hear coming out of your checking account and fairness is all of it transferring into their accounts. Cease the fumigation of public locations. It’s killing us.

Trying forward: On January 21, 2021 articles of impeachment can be filed on Joe Biden on his first day of absolutely illegitimate Presidency who routinely abuses and bullies the folks forcing humiliating face masks and destroy enterprise like different abusers in govermnet like California and New York’s governors. particulars

New regular: Constructing the world as an the wrong way up pyramid is a problem. All we want now could be extra optimistic pondering, ample levitation.

Political goofballs: Pelosi and Democrats gender mutilated the gender particular language in Home Guidelines then days later goes on to name herself and others gender particular mom, daughter, and so forth. as we hearken to her muffle behind a prophylactic faux safety system.

Canada: Kevin P. Johnston is taking up all of the faux unconstitutional orders to remain residence as a faux strategy to cease viruses that don’t exist.

Vaccine nation: The Wild Doc is a father and realized in regards to the horror present of injecting poisons into the physique to seek out wellness. He created a presentation that is price investigating. Take note the ‘covid’ prevention technique isn’t a vaccine it’s a RNA chain terminator like AZT and is experimental not even examined on animals and this video presents that Italy discovered ‘covid’ to be extra like coronary heart illness and bacterial. One may also think about that in 2019 H.R. 2527 was launched by a Democrat that seeks to VACCINATE ALL CHILDREN and was cosponsored by nothing however Democrats who’re very a lot funded by pharmaceutical pursuits. Then there’s pre-existing IMMUNITY how come the information that is owned by drug advertisements does not inform us about that! There is not any take a look at for pre-existing immunity, or is there? With the HI ‘virus’ there’s testing for antibodies, I realized about these 40 years in the past. They grasp round after infections. They match and mirror any ‘virus’ risk. When one assessments optimistic for antibodies, assuming the take a look at is correct, which means one has pre-existing IMMUNITY.

B117: This is the label for the alleged ‘new pressure’ of snowflake virus that causes the identical snowlike storm theatre that alleged illness causes create. San Bernardino County Well being presents knowledge claiming that this ‘new pressure’ of SARS also called SARS-COV-2 also called many different identify labels is extra contagious. Worry is what’s actually contagious! In addition they current it does NO MORE HARM because the ‘much less contagious’ model however after all we seee extra militant response telling us now to be further vigilant with usless methodologies to ‘cease the unfold’ of issues that aren’t as described. As most of us know these assertions will not be confirmed, simply made out of skinny air. It makes for extra hysterical reporting on TV to promote extra drug advertisements. There isn’t a particular take a look at for this ‘new pressure’. It is extra bullshit primarily based on PCR assessments that discover fragments of nothing particular to anyone virus. A few of us lived via the sayme bullshit introduced by the mendacity medical societie$ in the course of the HIV – Hysterical Data Virus PAN demic.  PAN is a legendary creature identified for mischief, debauchery, and fornication. WHO modified the definition of PANdemic to incorporate these that’s the reason we’re residing within the new the wrong way up pyramid world at the moment. It takes a lot of cables to carry up such a construction.

Out & About: Should you end up being denied service in a retail institution at the present time since you dare to breathe oxygen absolutely in your well being as that may be very effectively established want and confirmed factual science not the science fiction we’re getting from tv information as you don’t think about your self to be a human pietrie dish and as an alternative think about your self as you’re wholesome to be incapable of spreading illness as illnesses are created and by no means caught and really feel you may have God given rights to not apply the face cowl faith of the Faucist-styled State of Corruptifornia or different dictatorships bear in mind to be sort to those that are silly slaves simply doing as they’re advised as they’ve been bombarded with lies about non-living viruses that aren’t within the air and are merely cleaning soap made within the physique all their life and are often too busy to be capable of research these points as an alternative counting on conniving manipulators within the ‘well being care’ business of drug pushing giants which can be out to get extra of your cash.

Tip: Should you use creamer in your espresso, as an alternative of pulling off your complete security seal make a slit in it as an alternative, this can assist hold it from pouring out like Niagara Falls.

Reminder: Tv is a black gap and covid is a fraud.

Alert: So known as ‘well being’ authorities regularly lie about face masks  they defend nobody ever .

Plam mentioned: Viruses are non residing protein primarily based solvents, they do not reproduce and wiggle round invading wholesome cells. They are a part of our immune system. THEY ARE PART OF OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. If they’re a part of our immune system one has to then surprise WHO is telling us we have to wage wars on viruses? WHO is taking advantage of all of the chemical warfare? After we wage warfare on a virus we’re waging warfare on our immune system! OMG/STOP discovered on Joh Rappoport’s weblog, if you wish to study the reality about viruses research there not CNN

you can’t be pressured to take any vaccine the virus rip-off system makes use of medias to brainwash and affect disingenuously, flush the hype, virus scare techniques are a misinform promote you extra stuff be come slaves to the medical con video games

Flatten the curve syndrome

There by no means was a curve. We are able to see this within the charts under. Discover how co-morbidities create a faux curve to current the phantasm that there’s a new risk however there may be not and there by no means was. click on on the picture to observe the presentation

The so known as ‘co-morbidities’ of regular demise charges created ‘the curve’. Within the subsequent picture we see how once we take away the co-morbitidies aka precise causes of demise we see how curve disappears like magic.

These precise causes of demise like coronary heart situations, pneumonia, automotive accident, fall from a skyscraper, and stabbings then go on a completely different chart with precise curves that needs to be targeted on as there isn’t a curve from COVID-19. The entire thing is a lie. THERE WAS NEVER A CURVE TO FLATTEN. This explicit evaluation targeted on Denmark however is equally consultant of each metropolis on this planet that has fallen into the COVID/TRAP. THE/CURVE was truly by no means there.

The curve is faux manipulation of knowledge used to terrorize the general public and this was carried out by disingenuous medical authorities beginning with CDC, WHO, NIH, Anthony Fauci, Redfield, many different participant$. Shut down the world, riots, damage lives for no curve. IT NEVER EXISTED nor does any virus risk. Politicians and damaging well being authorities hold babbling on a few CURVE that’s nothing greater than faux manipulation of current knowledge.

There’s a film by that identify CURVE, see it.

A vigilante usually talks about why it is higher in Mexico now than within the USA and plenty of different ‘free’ international locations akin to in India the place they do not waste their ENERGY with anti-social psychotic habits and they’re truly saving the planet by producing about 9 billion occasions much less plastic waste than the FAKE/FREE international locations which have locked it is residents of their closets ‘for his or her well being’.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom is taking up circumstances to defend the appropriate to go to church and assemble in Canada information releases gov authorities knowledge exhibits fewer individuals are dying in 2020 than prior years in all classes and that is both as a result of THE/VIRUS is definitely a therapeutic mechanism and/or that like when Los Angeles docs went on strike and fewer folks died as a result of THEY DID NOT GET TREATED BY THE MEDICAL SYSTEM

The ‘professional’ promotes the up-your-nose flu vaccine factors out that each one it takes is the kid to sneeze to unfold the ‘stay virus’ they shove up there, so let’s get this straight, we’re shutting down societies as a result of they declare viruses are monsters that unfold within the air, then they promote us flu prevention up the nostril that will unfold the virus. Should you nonetheless imagine something these medical monsters let you know please hold learning and study all their lies.

“As 8,795 deaths with COVID-19 have been recorded, there have been 10,295 fewer deaths ascribed to most cancers, coronary heart illnesses, lung illnesses, stroke, pneumonia and influenza.”

Clearly the larger drawback is the rebranding of THE/FLU and creating panic. Who knew the medical system had such energy to damage our lives? Many within the holistic well being arenas have tried to warn people who the medical programs have an excessive amount of unchecked authority with quarantines, and look what they’re doing now, searching for extra energy. We have to put its energy into straight jackets, not give it extra.

HORSEPOWER.web found how you can decrease our vitality use by 10% by eradicating one factor whereas additionally saving our landscapes from industrial blight

The Panhandledemic

I name it that because the drug firms and all their sleasy associates are always at Congress for handouts.

At  the start of the fakedemic Fauci requested for $8 billion and received it. What we received for our cash was not Massive Brother however slightly Mommie Dearest forcing limitless shutdowns, temperature checks, insane psycho habits coming from ‘well being’ companies that hunt what doesn’t even exist within the air utilizing disinfectant chemical weapons the place when you learn the labels for these merchandise they’re harmful to our well being. Bear in mind the pictures of the 1950’s spraying of chemical DDT, that is what’s taking place another time.

In 2020 it was simpler than ever to create a fakedemic and suck billion$ of your cash which if you’re a participant of the sport went to your portfolios whereas others misplaced their houses, jobs, financial savings, and so forth.

The deliberate emic madness and push for remedies are nothing new, and are nonetheless harmful 150 years after some books have been written about these identical schemes.

Learn “The Horrors of Vaccination Uncovered” written in 1920 & “Horrors of Vaccination” written in 1870

A more moderen e-book by one of many founding fathers of retrovirology Peter Duesberg’s books which learn like an encyclopedia is now promoting for about $1,000. It uncovered the lies of a single virus claimed to be infectious and thus inflicting 29 completely different illnesses labeled beneath a broader class. I had one I gave away to Goodwill a few years in the past as it was simply too heavy to hold round. Get your palms on ANYTHING by Duesberg, signed pictures, something as it’ll be price loads as time progresses because the world realizes that this man was on the forefront of exposing the virus lies and can be written in historical past books like Gallileo, George Washington, Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, Rosa Parks, and all the greats.

When will hysterical defenders of “science” resist the destruction the US medical system is inflicting? retake a guess

We’ve got had a tough time discovering a pandemic wherever aside from on TV and the either side of the mouths of politicians. Take a take a look at the demise fee of women and men within the United States during the last ten years.

Per 100,000 in 2020 it was the identical as yearly prior. If you wish to get actual choosy although it was a bit greater than 10 years in the past however so is our use of PALM/OIL.

2010 – 798
2011 – 807
2012 – 810
2013 – 821
2014 – 824
2015 – 844
2016 – 849
2017 – 865
2018 – 868
2019 – 870
2020 – 878

CDC studies the common flu season fully disappeared in 2020 changed with a brand new advertising and marketing pitch that included shutting down of your corporation ‘in your well being’ and killing gyms ‘in your well being’ and excessively fumigating and neurotic compulsive cleansing with harmful chemical compounds each public house ‘for your well being’ and the pressured deprivation of oxygen ‘in your well being’ and the routine testing utilizing misguided assessments to get case numbers up to allow them to scare you extra ‘in your well being’ after which they launched new laws that may make it even simpler for them to quarantine you indefinitely all they would wish to do is declare one other faux emergency ‘in your well being’

Then the general public cheered because the masketeers in Congress and the Presidency and Parliments worldwide made it official, lockdowns won’t ever finish

AIDS hysteria prefigured the newest pressure of illogical units of viral science lies 1
Within the interval of 1985 – 1989 he helped unfold the HIV lie fires 3

See how they fail at defending anybody in 10 seconds flat
Equality calls for that genital mutilators repirate those that have been harmed

Congress Home Democrats handed new laws that creates new guidelines in gender impartial nonsense abolishing many phrases which can be commonplace and have been such for hundreds of years. One instance of how it’s used is intstead of claiming man or girl it is going to be vital to make use of the phrase ‘individual’. One other is intstead of ‘chairman’ it is going to be known as ‘chair’. This will trigger extra confusion. Utilized in a sentence, “The chair can be discovered now on the opposite facet of the room”. Does that imply chairman the individual or the chair we sit on? So once more as an alternative of really fixing issues Congress which has a 9% approval score fiddles about on silly stuff.

“Somebody received me sick” truly is a lie, we create illness we don’t catch it.


The ‘well being’ authority presents the lie that face masking helps to ‘cease the unfold’


It’s propoganda created utilizing your federal, state, native tax monies that pour into medical programs. This one got here from Maricopa County ‘Well being’ and Human Companies which serves the higher Phoenix areas.

What struck me is they do not present any percentages of how a lot they’re claimed to guard, they simply supply coloring and phrases that declare excessive, average, low, decrease, or lowest ‘danger’. It feeds on the illogical fears that medical societies hold selling for revenue that ‘viruses are transmitted by air’ and you’ll catch them and die from them and never equally launch them. It is a particularly profitable rip-off. In actuality whether or not masked or not the distinction is statistically 100% insignificant.

Check out the picture. I’ll try to assign some numbers to every stage primarily based on good high quality science not the crap fed to us by TV illusionists. I will give every one a score of the share of danger that somebody might catch a nasty virus and get sick.


– .001%


– .0009%


– .0008%


– .0007%


the place each individuals are carrying masks and staying aside 6 toes – .00069%

So the distinction is about 1 in 31,000,000 or we might current this as 1/31,000,000

So that is what authorities tells us, put on masks to be protected but there isn’t a distinction by any statistical measure.

These ‘well being’ authorities and their TV shills by no means inform us that even when we catch a virus which is statistically IMPOSSIBLE

we will let it go if the 1 in 100,000 likelihood we caught it within the then 1 in 1 million likelihood it will stick and keep inside us perpetually.

Even then in that 1 in 1 million likelihood it caught then there is a 99.8% likelihood that the physique would eliminate it as that is the % of individuals who at all times get better ‘from it’.

Thus, when all is tabulated whether or not you put on masks or not your likelihood of getting sick from any virus that’s mainly non existent within the air wherever is about 1 in 1 trillion.

In addition they do not inform us that viruses will not be within the air in any amount both. In the event that they are have them present you a take a look at results of the air in your corporation they shut down, they can not present one. There aren’t any viruses within the air.

Thus in the event that they have been within the air and we did catch it we’d then have a 1/666,666,666,666,666,666 likelihood of holding on to it after which since 99.8% of people that ‘catch it’ get better absolutely that brings the prospect of dying from this fraud 1 in 700 trillion.

We are literally protected both means with reference to stopping viruses. If we put on a masks that lets viruses go via as they go proper via the holes and across the gaps THEY DO NOTHING TO STOP VIRUSES


In fact many individuals don’t perceive math so that is all Greekulous to them. All they perceive is instructions introduced by liars on faux information medias.

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE WHAT SO EVER whether or not one wears masks or not. There’s a enormous drawback that the hucksters by no means inform us about, the  holes of the material that allow air via SO YOU CAN BREATHE a mere 40% of oxygen what you’ll usually let tens of millions of viruses via, they don’t do something to cease any virus.

Viruses will not be the issue. We’re being completely lied to about them. They’re made within the cell as a cleaning mechanism.

They’re like cleaning soap

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