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Completely happy seventieth Birthday to Captain Chesley Sullenberger who, in 2009, safely landed a jet airliner within the Hudson River saving all 155 passengers on board—and avoiding a catastrophe crash into Manhattan. The airplane hit a flock of birds proper after takeoff that knocked out each engines whereas 3,000 ft within the air. Nicknamed ‘Sully’, the Captain is retired from aviation now, however works as an writer, speaker, and guide. In response to worldwide celebration of the incident he mentioned, “I noticed how this occasion had touched individuals’s lives, how prepared they have been for excellent news, how a lot they needed to really feel hopeful once more,” mentioned Sully afterward. “We’ve had a worldwide financial downturn, and individuals are simply so prepared for excellent news. They need to really feel reassured that each one the issues we worth, all our beliefs, nonetheless exist.” Actor Tom Hanks portrayed the pilot in Sully, a movie in regards to the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’. WATCH a spine-tingling Smithsonian video recreation of these 200 seconds… (1951)

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