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Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum


Genesis 1 tells us how God created the universe and the whole lot in it, together with us. In Genesis 2, God instructed man to not eat of the tree of data of fine and evil and in Genesis 3 we ate, anyway. The battle of God versus Devil has been waged ever since and people are the middle of that warfare. Romans 2:6-8 says, “He’ll render to every one in keeping with his works: to those that by endurance in well-doing look for glory and honor and immortality, he’ll give everlasting life; however for many who are self-seeking and don’t obey the reality, however obey unrighteousness, there can be wrath and fury.” It’s so vital that we acknowledge the instruments of the Enemy in order that we will develop in information to honor and glorify our Lord and Maker.

Evolution is, I believe, Devil’s strongest device that has, in an extremely quick time, derailed mankind from the pursuit of God. There isn’t a one place that’s as anti-God and all-pervasive because the “how-we-got-here-without-God” evolution story. It’s so crucial for us to grasp it’s a story that was written to particularly clarify the presence of each dwelling factor with out the necessity for God. Certainly, distinguished evolutionists (Julian Huxley, William Provine, Michael Ruse and lots of others) acknowledge that evolution, in actual fact, IS a faith.

One of many causes the illogical development of evolution as “science” is so regarding (famend scientists and evolutionist Richard Lewontin stated that scientists are “compelled” to advance evolution not as a result of it’s proper however as a result of it’s in opposition to God) is as a result of evolutionary rules (truly in existence lengthy earlier than Charles Darwin wrote of them) are partially or in complete instantly answerable for tens of thousands and thousands (presumably lots of of thousands and thousands) of deaths and different atrocities that man has dedicated in opposition to man over the previous 110 years. Nazism, abortion and Deliberate Parenthood, the novel development of communism (Marx was an ardent admirer of Darwin) all have roots in and have flourished instantly due to evolutionary thought. We have to know this enemy with the intention to perceive the place the philosophy is current so we will keep clear and “by endurance in nicely doing look for glory, honor and immortality.”

All Science Shepherd programs mix biblical sufficiency with in-depth scientific dialogue, the pure product of Dr. Hardin’s a few years of scientific coaching and sturdy ongoing medical training. The Bible is the true Phrase of God, and so the examine of something wants to start out from that reality, or else misguided conclusions abound. Our purpose is to at all times clearly and concisely talk about science by itself deserves, and when applicable, to current logical and fact-filled dialogue – usually in a “pro-con” fashion – clearly demonstrating that the scientific predictions of the evolution paradigm usually are not upheld by an goal evaluation of the scientific knowledge. At all times, rational breakdown of scientific observations are in line with God creating the universe and the whole lot in it precisely like He stated He did in Genesis 1.


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