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the scientific research of vegetation or animals (extra observational than experimental) normally printed in widespread magazines slightly than in tutorial journals

pure science

the sciences concerned within the research of the bodily world and its phenomena

math, arithmetic, maths

a science (or group of associated sciences) coping with the logic of amount and form and association

agronomy, scientific agriculture

the applying of soil and plant sciences to land administration and crop manufacturing


the research of plant vitamin and development particularly as a strategy to enhance crop yield


science of soils in relation to crops

architectonics, tectonics

the science of structure


the science and know-how of metals


the scientific research of measurement


the scientific research of food and drinks (particularly in people)

psychological science, psychology

the science of psychological life

IP, informatics, info processing, info science

the sciences involved with gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying recorded info

cognitive science

the sphere of science involved with cognition; consists of components of cognitive psychology and linguistics and laptop science and cognitive neuroscience and philosophy of thoughts

social science

the department of science that research society and the relationships of particular person inside a society


the science or artwork of technique


the science of systematic classification


the department of science that research dying (particularly its social and psychological features)

cryptanalysis, cryptanalytics, cryptography, cryptology

the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms


the scientific research of language

pure arithmetic

the branches of arithmetic that research and develop the ideas of arithmetic for their very own sake slightly than for his or her quick usefulness

utilized math, utilized arithmetic

the branches of arithmetic which might be concerned within the research of the bodily or organic or sociological world

bioscience, life science

any of the branches of pure science coping with the construction and habits of dwelling organisms

chemical science, chemistry

the science of matter; the department of the pure sciences coping with the composition of gear and their properties and reactions

pure philosophy, physics

the science of matter and vitality and their interactions

bodily science, physics

the bodily properties, phenomena, and legal guidelines of one thing

earth science

any of the sciences that cope with the earth or its components


the science that maps the final options of the universe; describes each heaven and earth (however with out encroaching on geography or astronomy)

powder metallurgy

the metallurgy of powdered metals; how you can produce stable metallic objects from powdered metallic by compaction and sintering

irregular psychology, psychopathology

the department of psychology involved with irregular habits

utilized psychology, industrial psychology

any of a number of branches of psychology that search to use psychological ideas to sensible issues of schooling or trade or advertising and marketing and many others.

cognitive psychology

an method to psychology that emphasizes inside psychological processes

animal psychology, comparative psychology

the department of psychology involved with the habits of animals

youngster psychology, developmental psychology, genetic psychology

the department of psychology that research the social and psychological growth of kids

differential psychology

the department of psychology that research measurable variations between people

experimental psychology, psychonomics

the department of psychology that makes use of experimental strategies to check psychological points

neuropsychology, physiological psychology, psychophysiology

the department of psychology that’s involved with the physiological bases of psychological processes

psychometrics, psychometrika, psychometry

any department of psychology involved with psychological measurements

social psychology

the department of psychology that research individuals and their relationships with others and with teams and with society as a complete

NLP, human language know-how, pure language processing

the department of knowledge science that offers with pure language info


(biology) the sphere of science involved with processes of communication and management (particularly the comparability of those processes in organic and synthetic methods)


the social science of municipal affairs


the social science that research the origins and social relationships of human beings

authorities, political science, politics

the research of presidency of states and different political models

home science, house ec, house economics, family arts

idea and follow of homemaking

financial science, economics, political economic system

the department of social science that offers with the manufacturing and distribution and consumption of products and companies and their administration


the research of spatial distances between people in several cultures and conditions


the research and classification of human societies

biosystematics, biosystematy

use of information (e.g. cytogenetic or biochemical) to evaluate taxonomic relations particularly inside an evolutionary framework


(biology) research of the final ideas of scientific classification

computational linguistics

using computer systems for linguistic analysis and purposes

dialect geography, linguistic geography

the research of the geographical distribution of linguistic options


the research of the sources and growth of phrases

diachronic linguistics, diachrony, historic linguistics

the research of linguistic change


the department of linguistics that research the relation between language and the construction and performance of the nervous system


the research of language use


the research of language that means


the research of language in relation to its sociocultural context

structural linguistics, structuralism

linguistics outlined because the evaluation of formal buildings in a textual content or discourse

synchronic linguistics

the research of a language irrespective of its historic context

descriptive linguistics

an outline (at a given cut-off date) of a language with respect to its phonology and morphology and syntax and semantics with out worth judgments

prescriptive linguistics

an account of how a language must be used as a substitute of how it’s truly used; a prescription for the `right’ phonology and morphology and syntax and semantics


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