Birds have been having fun with our lockdowns. Noise and air air pollution are down, extra people are backyard-birding, and on 24 September, Science revealed a trio of papers on the brains and conduct of birds. In a single, researchers described how the standard of white-crowned sparrow songs improved throughout lockdown in San Francisco, when birds didn’t must compete with vehicles to make their voices heard. In one other, researchers imaged the neuronal buildings of hen brains, discovering how they is likely to be able to superior cognitive expertise with such seemingly easy brains. The final reveals that, just like the prefrontal cortex of primates, the pallium of crows reveals neural exercise that corresponds to the animal’s notion of what it has seen, which can be a marker for consciousness. Come be a part of neuroscientists Suzana Herculano-Houzel and Christina Herold, and ecologist Elizabeth Derryberry to debate these findings and be taught what they imply for conservation, biology and our understanding of the thoughts.


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