Powertrain Merchandise is rated “Wonderful” with 4

This spring I had the necessity to buy a rebuilt Dodge Hemi 5.7 engine. I carried out my overview of PowerTrain Prodcuts and thought they might be match for a substitute motor. After receiving the rebuilt Hemi 5.7 and breaking it in on the 1,500 miles mark, the rear of the engine began to leak. By way of a pair visits to my Dodge dealership they found the rear foremost seal / plate meeting was the offender. After going by way of the guarantee course of with PowerTrain guarantee staff, the rear foremost seal plate was agreed upon was the leaking part. Though by way of the investigation of the leak, PowerTrain meeting course of precipitated the leak. The rear foremost seal plate was put in with RTV silicone which didn’t permit the plate to set evenly onto the again of the engine block. Hydrolicing happen the place the plate pushed away from the rear contact factors usually the place the seal would usually seat.

Powertrain Guarantee group didn’t need to hear the problem (with photos-100% proof) that they had been the accountable occasion to cowl 100% of the damages and labor. Reasonably than being a get up firm they stated it might solely be lined on the bought guarantee I selected. My case and proof pointed and proved they had been 100% accountable. So PowerTrain solely lined a bit of over 50% of the invoice. Additionally they solely will cowl one of these problem 1x after which your performed. Not proud of the hidden guarantee agenda (when they’re 100% at fault) and failure to acknowledge their meeting course of precipitated the key leak in my engine. Because the rear foremost seal plate appeared to me outdated and worn which made me request a construct sheet for my motor. Once more, denied the request and was kindly blown off. I’d had been a brand new buyer I’d vet out your entire course of from buy to guarantee earlier than anybody would purchase from Powertrain Merchandise.

The corrections to the Hemi-tick and smoking continues to be not corrected as acknowledged by PowerTrain since my break-in interval and now with 4k miles on the engine, I nonetheless expertise the “hemi tick” at startup at instances and slight smoke continues to be current. I even carried out unbiased analysis and switched fuels to the 89 octane since 87 octane has the important thing chemical substances for lubricant eliminated in comparison with the 89.

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