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The development of large-scale data collection, for example, has also permitted the development of an ‘early warning system’ in relation to low-incidence medical complications. It developed plans to offer medical care, hospital treatment, electricity, and water trucking.

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Some medical specialty societies already are recognized as proponents of standards of care by health plans. Unfortunately, rigorous scientific data are lacking on the efficacy and effectiveness to justify medical practice. When such inhibition is a reaction to the injury by a mental protective state, he recommends combining the medical treatment with psychological therapy. Medical language largely replaces other forms of communication. For the validation, complete medical records were requested for each patient from the participating hospitals for the 12-week study period. By the end of the century, however, a few women had managed to break the ranks of male professionalism and attain medical degrees. This setting, it must be stressed, is not a medical one. There were no medical or technical complications during transport. These tables are commonly used to summarize medical literature, but they can also be applied to other sources of information. Perhaps, certain cultural (medical) practices elaborate on masculine, or respectively, feminine, themes. In the post-1870 era serious medical books emphasizing these themes came thick and fast. At the same time, this new technology replaced other medical devices and could thereby create savings, at least in theory. The technologies developed to address these newly modal medical problems tended not to work as effectively.

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醫學的, 醫療的, 醫用的…

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médical/-ale, médical, examen médical…

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lékařský, léčebný, lékařské vyšetření…

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læge-, helbredsundersøgelse…

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ทางการแพทย์, การตรวจร่างกาย…

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thuộc y học, sự khám sức khỏe…

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medyczny, lekarski, zdrowotny…

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perubatan, pemeriksaan perubatan…

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Kranken-…, medizinische Untersuchung…

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医学的, 医疗的, 医用的…

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médico, médico/ca [masculine-feminine, singular]…

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Extra meanings of medical

to make somebody really feel more healthy, and extra energetic once more

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