Masks, the Grasp of All Thieves.


Spies, thieves


Black velvet masks tinged with purple


Shadows, thievery, thieves

Energy Degree

Lesser Energy (beforehand Intermediate Energy and briefly Demipower)


A black velvet masks, tinged with purple


Thieves, thievery, shadows


A black velvet masks


Thieves, intrigue

Masks (pronounced: /ˈmɑːsk/ MASK[9][3]  pay attention), the Lord of Shadows, was the god of shadows and thieves within the Faerûnian pantheon. He was a loner god most frequently related to thieves or these of in any other case ill-repute. He was a chaotic impartial or impartial evil intermediate deity from the Shadow Maintain within the Aircraft of Shadow, whose portfolio included shadows, thievery and thieves, and beforehand additionally included intrigue. Masks’s image was a black masks manufactured from velvet, tainted with purple.[4]

Identified for his fixed scheming, cool head, and oft-reserved biting remark, he misplaced a good portion of his energy, the intrigue portfolio, to Cyric. This, in fact, led to 2 issues: an everlasting hatred of Cyric, and the Lord of Shadows main himself to be extra direct than he was in his prior, elaborate plots.[citation needed]

Merely put, Masks was a loner. Nevertheless, earlier than this, he had frequent alliances with Bane. If nothing else, their sizable hatred of Cyric gave them frequent floor along with their historical past of working collectively. Masks was additionally at direct odds with Waukeen, the goddess of retailers and sincere commerce. All guardians of sunshine, data, and responsibility have been against him. This included Selûne, whose gentle tended to disclose his personal trustworthy while they labored.[citation needed]

He was allied with the drow god of thievery Vhaeraun.[10] The connection itself was businesslike.[11] Nevertheless, Masks deliberate to compensate what he misplaced to Cyric with Vhaeraun’s divinity,[12] whereas Vhaeraun used the similarity between their symbols to recruit half-elves and people into his church.[13] The 2 have been usually confused with each other amongst non-drow on the floor.[14] Additionally they shared one very related title, Masks’s “Lord of Shadows”[15] and Vhaeraun’s “Lord of Shadow”.[16]

Godsbane[edit | edit source]

Throughout the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, Masks took the form of a robust blade known as Godsbane. He finally got here to be wielded by the then-mortal Cyric; he acquired the sword by murdering a halfling named Sneakabout, who in flip killed the previous wielder of the sword.[citation needed]

Within the years following the Time of Troubles, Masks launched the highly effective hound Kezef to attempt to kill Cyric, however the hound turned as a substitute on the Lord of Shadows, not stopping the chase till it had bitten off one of many god’s limbs. Masks, seemingly too weak to heal, acquired the highly effective weapon Houndsbane to defend himself; the weapon was a present from the deity of magic, Mystra.[citation needed]

Dying[edit | edit source]

In 1374 DR, Masks relinquished his divinity and his life over to Shar to repay a millennia-old debt to the goddess, who was revealed to be his “mom” in addition to the particular person he served as a herald. Simply earlier than his loss of life, Shar revealed Masks’s true title as Lessinor, although its origin (both as a mortal title or a start title) was not defined. A portion of Masks’s divinity—the portion stolen by Kesson Rel—was absorbed in equal parts by Erevis Cale, Drasek Riven, and Prince Rivalen of the Shade enclave. Erevis then sacrificed himself to Mephistopheles, the archdevil Lord of Cania, in cost for releasing the half of the soul of Magadon that he ate; Mephistopheles in flip absorbed the portion of Masks’s divinity held by Cale.[citation needed]

Rebirth[edit | edit source]

There have been a number of hints that Masks might return, both in particular person or through a successor who took his place within the pantheon, particularly:[speculation]

  • When Masks surrendered to Shar, his final ideas have been in regards to the secret he stored from her.[17]
  • Masks apparently organized that Cale’s son can be born in security after the Spellplague of 1385 DR.[17]
  • Drasek Riven, himself ascended to a demigod of shadows, prophesied to Magadon of the return of Masks.[17]

This was confirmed to be true when the Shadowlord’s plans to thwart the Cycle of Evening perpetuated by Shar on numerous worlds resulted in Masks’s divinity (each the Shar-consumed and Kesson Rel parts) being gathered again right into a single being—Drasek Riven, Masks’s former Second of 5—ensuing within the aforementioned cycle being thwarted, together with the stripping of divinities from each Mephistophales and Rivalen Tanthul.[18]

The Shadowlord wielded a pair of magical, twin longswords often called Stealthwhisper and Shadowblade.[19]

Masks stored a divine realm known as Shadow Carry on Niflheim, the second layer of Hades. Guests may glimpse the Maintain, however solely only a few ever reached it, because it was continually shrouded in a heavy fog that led them astray.[4][20][21]

Masks’s trustworthy have been led to consider that the god noticed the whole lot that occurs at the hours of darkness and to belief it, as one can be made a simple goal by strolling into plain gentle. The talents to deceive, as fact was a silly advantage and manipulation was higher than brute pressure, and to be dextrous have been additionally appreciated. While the religion advocated for accumulating riches, it additionally mentioned to solely steal what was mandatory. Additionally they believed that proudly owning one thing merely required being in possession of it.[2]

The image of Masks.

The church of Masks acknowledged that wealth rightfully belonged to those that might purchase it. Honesty was for fools however obvious honesty was a really invaluable factor, and subtlety was the whole lot.[citation needed]

The Clergy of Masks have been known as Maskarrans, with elite specialty monks known as demarchesses (pronounced: /dɛmɑːrˈkɛsɛs/ deh-mar-KESS-es) if feminine and demarchs (pronounced: /dɛˈmɑːrks/ deh-MARKS) if male.[22] Maskarrans tackle one another as “Brother/Sister Shadow”, irrespective of their rank. Clergy that accomplished an particularly harmful heist or complicated act of manipulation have been usually admitted to the Circle of the Grey Ribbon.[citation needed]

It was rumored that the Cult of Masks maintained a big community of informants all through the cities of the realm. It was additionally rumored that this community offered employment for all types of thieves, beggars and thugs.[citation needed]

Shrines of gods radiated that a part of their philosophical orientation they shared essentially the most. For instance, a shrine of a chaotic evil deity, who was extra chaotic than evil, radiated chaos. Masks’s shrines in the course of the 14th century DR radiated chaos,[23] regardless of him being a impartial evil deity throughout that point.[15]

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References[edit | edit source]

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