Definition of SANITIZE

san·​i·​tize | ˈsa-nə-ˌtīz

transitive verb

1 : to scale back or remove pathogenic brokers (reminiscent of micro organism) on the surfaces of (one thing) : to make (one thing) sanitary (as by cleansing or disinfecting) You should utilize sponges and dishcloths safely if you happen to take care to sanitize them, says Dean Cliver, a professor of meals security on the College of California, Davis.— Nick Gallo Metropolis Sanitarian Lauri Sorel stated no soot was discovered and eating places solely needed to sanitize meals service surfaces with a combination of bleach and water. — The Springfield (Massachusetts) Union-Information He had each retailer and supply truck sanitized, and he arrange a division to make unannounced well being inspections of shops, vowing to quickly shut down any slackers for cleanup.— Suzanne Hoppough

2 : to make (one thing, reminiscent of textual content) extra acceptable by eradicating, hiding, or minimizing any disagreeable, undesirable, or unfavorable elements The recollections—and memoirs—of former intelligence arms are typically selective in addition to sanitized, both by the creator or by some type of official censorship or each, and the historian have to be cautious.— Ian Black and Benny Morris They had been additionally compelled to “sanitize” stories that may present early church leaders or the official doctrine in a dim gentle.— Robert Lindsey As soon as “friended” by a colleague, folks really feel compelled to make use of privateness options—which itself is usually a snub—or to sanitize their on-line profiles—which is akin to hiding one thing below the mattress.— Jared Sandberg Revealed in Munich in 1987, the diaries are a significant instrument of that faculty of historians whose function is to relativize, normalize, sanitize the crimes of the Third Reich.— Peter Padfield And the film sanitizes his habits as properly. (It manages to counsel that he is a philanderer with out ever as soon as exhibiting him with one other lady.) — Leisure Weekly … civilian casualties are known as “collateral harm”—a stunningly summary and sanitized solution to consult with mangled human our bodies.— Carol E. Cohn


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