Definition of REVIEW

re·​view | ri-ˈvyü

1a : a proper army inspection

b : a army ceremony honoring an individual or an occasion

3 : a basic survey (as of the occasions of a interval)

5 : judicial reexamination (as of the proceedings of a decrease tribunal by a better)

6a : a essential analysis (as of a e-book or play)

b : {a magazine} devoted mainly to evaluations and essays

7a : a retrospective view or survey (as of 1’s life)

b(1) : renewed examine of fabric beforehand studied

(2) : an train facilitating such examine

re·​view | ri-ˈvyü

reviewed; reviewing; evaluations

transitive verb

1 additionally  ˈrē-​ˌvyü : to view or see once more

2 : to look at or examine once more particularly : to reexamine judicially

3 : to look again on : take a retrospective view of assessment the previous

4a : to go over or study critically or intentionally reviewed the outcomes of the examine

b : to present a essential analysis of assessment a novel

5 : to carry a assessment of assessment troops

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