Definition of MASK


1a(1) : a canopy or partial cowl for the face used for disguise

(2) : an individual carrying a masks : masker

b(1) : a determine of a head worn on the stage in antiquity to determine the character and challenge the voice

(2) : a grotesque false face worn at carnivals or in rituals

c : an usually grotesque carved head or face used as an decoration (as on a keystone)

d : a sculptured face or a duplicate of a face made via a mould

2a : a protecting protecting for the face or a part of the face The hockey puck struck the goalie’s masks. a snorkel masks — see additionally ski masks b(1) : a tool normally protecting the mouth and nostril to facilitate supply of a gasoline (similar to a basic anesthetic) — see additionally oxygen masks (2) : a comparable machine or a protecting (as of polypropylene fiber or cotton cloth) to stop inhalation of harmful substances or to stop the inhalation or dispersal of exhaled infectious materials (as micro organism or viruses) — see additionally face masks, gasoline masks, process masks, surgical masks

c or much less generally masque : a beauty preparation for the pores and skin of the face that produces a tightening impact because it dries

3a : one thing that serves to hide or disguise : pretense, cloak conscious of the masks, facades and defenses individuals erect to guard themselves— Kenneth Keniston

b : one thing that conceals from view

c : a translucent or opaque display screen to cowl a part of the delicate floor in taking or printing {a photograph}

d : a sample of opaque materials used to protect chosen areas of a floor (as of a semiconductor) in deposition or etching (as in producing an built-in circuit) — see additionally photomask

4a : the top or face of an animal (similar to a fox or canine)

b : an space (such because the one across the eyes) of an animal’s face that’s distinguished by normally darker coloring

transitive verb

1 : to supply or conceal (somebody or one thing) with a masks: similar to

a : to hide (one thing) from view masks a gun battery The doorway was masked by shrubs and flowers.

b : to make (one thing) vague or imperceptible masks undesirable flavors masks the scent with a scented candle [Dr. Joseph] Murray cautioned that individuals who go gluten-free to ease abdomen issues could find yourself masking the signs of underlying circumstances similar to Crohn’s illness, an immune dysfunction that impacts the digestive tract.— Kiera Butler

c : to cover or conceal (one thing, similar to one’s motives or emotions) The excuse masked his actual objective. … a practiced but futile try to masks embarrassment or anger with a smile …— David Remnick

2 : to cowl (the face or a part of the face) with or as if with a masks The low hood masked her eyes. The chief masked his face with a shawl, her mom says, however she acknowledged the raspy voice of their neighbor …— Nationwide Geographic

3 : to cowl (one thing) for defense Painters steadily use tape to masks … adjoining surfaces similar to partitions or trim.— Gwen Bruno

4 : to switch the dimensions or form of (one thing, similar to {a photograph}) via an opaque border

intransitive verb

1a : to placed on a masks : to cowl the face with a masks As workplaces reopen, staff should masks and wash arms steadily.— Robert A. Weinstein and Cory Franklin —usually used with upOn a latest weekend, we masked up and went for a bicycle experience in Tokyo.— Motoko Wealthy and Noriko Hayashi

b : to disguise one’s true character or intentions

2 : to participate in a masquerade


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