COVID-19: Knowledge Fundamental

The desk beneath compares the latest week of key knowledge to the weekly averages for the final 4 weeks.

Defining Confirmed and Possible Circumstances and Deaths

COVID-19 circumstances and deaths are categorized as possible or confirmed.

  • Confirmed Case: Constructive end result from a molecular check, resembling a PCR check. Except particularly labeled as “possible circumstances,” knowledge on circumstances are for confirmed circumstances solely.
  • Possible Case: Outlined as any of the next:
    • Constructive antigen check end result
    • Individual has signs and was uncovered to a confirmed case
    • Individual died and their reason for loss of life on the loss of life certificates is COVID-19 or related, however a optimistic molecular check just isn’t on document
  • Confirmed Demise: Demise inside 60 days of a optimistic molecular check
  • Possible Demise: Reason for loss of life on the loss of life certificates is COVID-19 or related, however a optimistic molecular check just isn’t on document

Be taught extra about these case definitions.

Circumstances are outlined otherwise based mostly on the kind of check used to detect COVID-19.

Diagnostic Exams

Molecular exams, resembling PCR exams, are probably the most dependable solution to check for COVID-19. Somebody who exams optimistic for the virus with a molecular check is assessed as a confirmed case. These exams search for genetic materials from the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). Except in any other case specified, knowledge on check counts, check charges and % positivity solely displays molecular testing.

Antigen exams are sooner than molecular exams however could be much less correct. These exams search for proteins on the floor of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Somebody who exams optimistic with an antigen check is assessed as a possible case.

Different Exams

Antibody exams examine the blood for indicators that you’ve had the virus within the previous. An antibody check is probably not correct for somebody with energetic or current an infection. Somebody who exams optimistic with solely an antibody check — and never a diagnostic check — just isn’t categorized as a possible or confirmed case.

% Constructive and Take a look at Charge of Molecular Testing by ZIP Code

These knowledge present the % of individuals given a molecular check who examined optimistic, by ZIP code, for the most up-to-date seven days of obtainable knowledge. The borough comparability charts embody knowledge by ZIP code from the previous three months.

The info additionally present the speed of individuals given a molecular check throughout probably the most current seven days. A neighborhood is taken into account to have ample testing when at the very least 260 residents per 100,000 have been examined prior to now week. This metric of ample testing might change relying on future testing knowledge.

Click on right here to obtain pattern knowledge on Github. Click on right here to obtain pattern knowledge on Github.

Each day Circumstances, Hospitalizations and Deaths

The charts beneath present the each day variety of circumstances, hospitalizations and deaths over the previous three months citywide and for every borough. This knowledge consists of each confirmed and possible circumstances and deaths, based mostly on molecular and antigen testing, respectively. Because of delays in reporting, which may take so long as every week, current knowledge are incomplete.

Diagnostic Testing

This chart present the variety of folks examined by molecular exams and antigen exams.

Molecular Testing Citywide and by Age

These charts present % positivity and check fee for molecular exams.

Emergency Division Visits

These charts present individuals who visited the emergency division with medical indicators and signs in keeping with COVID-19 sickness (together with flu-like sicknesses and pneumonia) through the previous three months, and people who had been then admitted to the hospital. Whereas a few of these folks didn’t have a optimistic molecular or antigen check, these charts could be an early warning signal for neighborhood transmission of COVID-19.

Concerning the Knowledge: All the knowledge on these pages had been collected by the NYC Well being Division. Knowledge will be up to date each day however are preliminary and topic to alter.

Reporting Lag: Our knowledge are printed with a three-day lag, which means that the latest knowledge in right this moment’s replace are from three days earlier than.

This lag is as a result of commonplace delays (as much as a number of days) in reporting to the Well being Division a brand new check, case, hospitalization or loss of life. Given the delay, our counts of what has occurred in the latest few days are artificially small. We delay publishing these knowledge till extra studies have are available in and the knowledge are extra full.

Well being Inequities in Knowledge: Variations in well being outcomes amongst racial and ethnic teams are as a result of long-term structural racism, not organic or private traits.

Structural racism — centuries of racist insurance policies and discriminatory practices throughout establishments, together with authorities businesses, and society — prevents communities of colour from accessing important assets (such as well being care, housing and meals) and alternatives (resembling employment and schooling), and negatively impacts general well being and well-being. The disproportionate impression of COVID-19 on New Yorkers of colour highlights how these inequities negatively affect well being outcomes.

Overview how we’re working to handle inequities throughout this public well being emergency (PDF).

Further Assets

Extra Data

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