Counter-Strike: International Offensive

2021.01.28 –

– Brand changes on a number of stickers

– Mounted bug on guardian mission.

2021.01.27 –

[2020 RMR Stickers]
– Crew Stickers that includes the best-performing regional groups from the 2020 Regional Main Rating occasions are actually accessible for buy. 50% of the proceeds go to the groups who participated within the 2020 RMR.

– In Aggressive and Wingman, in case your crew has fewer gamers than the opposing crew for 3 or extra consecutive rounds within the half, every of your crew members will obtain a $1000 ‘Shorthanded Loser Earnings’ following a spherical loss. This doesn’t apply in circumstances the place a participant was kicked.
– In Aggressive and Wingman, every crew has one 2 minute technical timeout that might be robotically initiated the primary time a teammate disconnects. The timeout will finish early if the teammate abandons or reconnects to the match.
– Pinging now shows the identify of the pinged location. (Thanks, VasaLavTV)

– Added shopper convar to manage computerized parachute habits. Set cl_parachute_autodeploy 0 to disable computerized parachute activation.

-Mounted a lift spot close to the doorway to A web site.
-Mounted a pixel stroll on the door hinges (each doorways).
-Improved the clipping of the roof.
-Grenades now bounce extra predictably off the wall.

-A web site
-Improved the clipping on the An indication.
-Mounted a pixel stroll on high of the wall.
-Mounted a niche within the middle wall on web site.
-Grenades now bounce extra predictably off the An indication, Elysion signal, artwork on the wall, wall in connector, the wall on web site and the poles connecting to the roof.

-Important corridor
-Grenades now bounce extra predictably off the artwork work and portray.

-Mounted a lift spot the place gamers had been capable of soar on high of the waterfalls.
-Mounted a pixel stroll on the decrease ranges of center.
-Mounted a pixel stroll on the sunshine fixtures (undecided how you’ll rise up their however you can’t belief anybody).
-Grenades now bounce of extra predictable of the gray poles inserted within the wall, the wall with the waterfalls and the wall close to T spawn.

-CT spawn
-Mounted a pixel stroll on the clock (clock has been made non stable).
-Mounted a pixel stroll on the glass wall.

-T spawn
-Mounted a pixel stroll on the clock (clock has been made non stable).
-It’s now not doable to leap on high of the sunshine above the desk.

-Typically improved the clipping.

2021.01.20 –

– Up to date to the most recent model of SDL library for Linux and OSX.

– Improved loadout playing cards project logic.
– Mounted a crash when gamers change groups throughout freeze time.
– Enemy loadout card now not gives enemy pistol.
– Mounted a uncommon case when an additional C4 may spawn.

[ MISC ]
– Including official sport servers in Argentina.
– Mounted settings search UI for non-Latin languages.
– Up to date AK-47 | Anubis put on alpha

[ MAPS ]
-Mounted points with earlier replace(thanks Fnugz)
-Made glass breaking extra constant (thanks T1mure)
-Changed and realigned textures
-Mounted some gun caught spots (thanks JustAlex)
-Deleted upsetting bench (thanks sprunk)
-Realigned some belongings (thanks fnugz)
-Deleted some cans folks thought had been smoke grenades
-Mounted enhance spots (thanks poop)
-Decreased belongings in giftspot and different common optimizations for decrease finish computer systems

2021.01.07 –

– When a participant disconnects or is kicked in traditional aggressive and wingman modes, they are going to now not get replaced by a bot. If all the different crew leaves, one bot might be left on the opposite crew, idling in spawn.
– Mounted bots not navigating correctly in Warmup arenas.

– Decreased measurement of SWAT sleeves matching all present fashions.

[ MISC ]
– Mounted a crash in Home windows devoted server when “model” command is issued.
– Pings now not transfer when walked over by characters, and can now not spotlight weapons in aggressive matches.
– Adjusted Retakes clip areas in Mirage and Prepare

– Accounts that accomplished authorities identification verification have been upgraded to CS:GO Prime Account Standing for Steam China.

[ MAPS ]
– Additional optimizations
– Mounted some clipping bugs

-Mounted a pixel-gap within the Cargo containers in T-Spawn (Due to the perceptive person who reported it to 3kliksphilip!)
-Mounted Cargo containers not having their correct colours.
-Mounted bomb explosions being seen above the A web site. (Thanks markman2575!)

Have interaction
– Eliminated a number of enhance spots
– Added stairs within the storage for higher rotation stream
– Breakable glass ceiling round A-site and Mid. Smokes and flashes can now be used on A-site
– Eliminated “workplace” space on mid
– Added ladder on A higher CT aspect
– Each entrances of the hut are actually wider for higher participant site visitors stream between A-site and Mid
– Lowered A higher and bridge to make complete bombsite extra readable
– Eliminated a number of awkward angles on A-site
– Eliminated extreme areas on A-site
– Eliminated muddle on A-site
– Higher FPS round the entire map

– Widened interior a part of connector
– Decreased measurement of restaurant nook
– Adjusted tarp positions on truck to remove some angles
– Lowered half-wall at stairs
– Adjusted timings by pushing CT spawns again a bit
– Shifted crates subsequent to tower additional in direction of pit
– Enhanced visibility for varied lengthy vary angles
– Eliminated electrical field subsequent to bikes
– Decreased quantity of breakable glass at store
– Blocked angle from CT enhance to pit
– Elevated measurement of ladder gap
– Added location names
– Mounted gamers having the ability to see into the tower space when boosted at dumpster (u/ReVoLTimE)
– Mounted some Z-fighting and intersecting geo (Thanks Joaokaka1998)
– Mounted varied seen nodraw textures (Thanks Joaokaka1998, Fnugz, u/TheSpudd, u/ReVoLTimE)
– Mounted varied bomb caught spots (Thanks Joaokaka1998)
– Mounted participant caught spot on road (Kerluck)
– Clipping changes all through the map (Thanks Joaokaka1998, u/ReVoLTimE, Kerluck)
– Minor visible changes and enhancements

2020.12.17 –

– Adjusted first individual arm fashions for Operation Damaged Fang brokers.
– Adjusted finish of match animations for Operation Damaged Fang grasp brokers.
– Mounted a bug that would permit further stars to be earned from missions. Going ahead gamers might be accurately restricted to receiving the full variety of stars accessible from all unlocked playing cards.
– Kick participant vote is now disabled in Damaged Fang Premier decide/ban arenas.
– Mounted kill distance in missions UI to be accurately rounded for show.

[ MISC ]
– Added 2021 Service Medal to be awarded for excellent service and achievement ranging from January 1, 2021 GMT.
– Donate weapons to teammates in want! Maintain the purchase menu donation key (CTRL by default) when buying a weapon to donate to teammates with out dropping your main weapon. You’ll be able to change the “Purchase Menu Donation Key” in settings.
– Recreation settings now have a search field to shortly discover and soar to any setting or key binding.
– Zeus restrictions in Informal, Wingman, and Aggressive modes are actually the identical as all different weapons.
– Adjusted Retakes clip areas in Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Prepare, and Vertigo

[ MAPS ]
– Repacked radar

– Mounted a pixelwalk exterior on the glass.
– Mounted a pixelwalk on the Elysion signal on A web site
– Mounted a pixelwalk on the umbrellas exterior.
– Mounted the pixelwalks on the doorframes
– Gamers had been capable of soar on high of the An indication on A web site
– Participant had been capable of soar on high of the small palm plant
– Gamers had been capable of 2 man enhance exterior and see into the positioning from an unfair place
– Gamers had been capable of run enhance on the home windows railing on A web site
– The ladder exterior has been eliminated
– Decreased the foilage exterior, gamers had been capable of conceal
– Waterfalls have been deleted from the white partitions. Induced the smoke to turn into see by means of.

– Decreased props that draw for folks on very low and low settings to hopefully assist FPS ranges throughout the map. (Thanks Shavitish)
– Decreased CT spawn Cowl to make it simpler to clear
– Improved mannequin shuttle collsions to make strolling over nicer
– Decreased non-designed headpeaks throughout map (Thanks CF-166)
– Mounted automobile fade in CT spawn (Thanks Sylikoira)
– Mounted a number of enhance exploits
– Up to date to radar to a extra easy single layer one
– Decreased foliage over key angle (Close to moonroom/CT spawn)
– Mounted various grammar and spelling errors (Thanks Dogman15 + Marisakiri)

– Widened A fundamental entrance
– Simplified A connector space
– Removed the deep nook beneath the home windows on A
– Removed the wall close to the pillar at Waterfalls A web site and decreased some corners to cover in as a CT
– Another minor issues 3kliksphillip will most likely discover out

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