Coup de Grâce
By Jerome R. Corsi, PhD

How COVID-20 Will Use Fauci Patents

To Ship a Devastating HIV-1 Assault to the Intestines

Previous a SARS Assault to the Lungs

Within the first article, we referenced the listing of patents Fauci has been awarded in addition to utilized for, arguing that essential elements of the HIV-1 virus attacking the immune system present up in patents naming Fauci as one of many inventors.

In that first article, we famous {that a} glycoprotein discovered within the HIV-1 virus, recognized as Glycoprotein 120, or just as GP120, has additionally been discovered to be a key element of the spikes within the present COVID-19 to provide this new illness virus that seems to mix a HIV-1 assault on the human immune system, with SARS CoV-1, the pathogen from the unique SARS (“Extreme Acute Respiratory System”) that created a world pandemic in 2002-2003.

Within the second article, we documented that Fauci’s title additionally seems on patents involving the C4 receptor. HIV-1 binds to wholesome cells by means of the CD4 receptor whereas COVID-19 enters wholesome cells by means of the ACE2 receptor, producing SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. We hypothesized that by re-engineering COVID-19 to permit the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen by means of the CD4 receptors, COVID-20 would have a brand new SARS-CoV-3 pathogen that may enter the physique quicker, producing a virulent assault on the immune system to accompany the SARS assault on the lungs that may observe.

Right here we hypothesize COVID-20 re-engineering might be full when a 3rd ingredient from HIV-1 analysis resulting in patents bearing Fauci’s title might be added: particularly an assault involving the mechanism whereby integrin α4β7 is integrated into the  envelope of HIV-1 virions that turns into functionally lively because it binds with MAdCAM-1 permitting the HIV-1 pathogen enters the physique by means of the excessive endothelial venules within the intestinal mucosa.

Put merely, COVID-20 will enhance the virulence of the HIV-1 assault element of COVID-20 by introducing a swift and efficient assault on the immune system by means of the intestines, successfully knocking out the physique’s immune system to allow the SARS pathogen to colonize extra quickly in its transfer to propagate throughout the lungs.

Along with the patents Fauci utilized for and/or obtained as mentioned in earlier articles, please take into account the next:

Patent Quantity: 9896509, granted February 20, 2008. “Use of antagonists of the interplay between HIV GP120 and α4β7 integrin.”

A key article was printed in Science Immunology, Could 12, 2017, Vol. 2, Subject 11, entitled “Virion incorporation of integrin α4β7 facilitates HIV-1 an infection and intestinal homing,” authored by a gaggle of scientists led by Dr. Christina Guzzo, Viral Pathogenesis Part, Laboratory of Immunology (LIR), Nationwide Institute of Allergy and Infectious Ailments (NIAID), Bethesda, MD.

The summary of that article started with this sentence: “The intestinal mucosa is a key anatomical web site for HIV-1 replication and CD4 T-cell depletion. “

The summary continued:

Right here, we present that integrin α4β7 is effectively integrated into the envelope of HIV-1 virions. Included α4β7 is functionally lively because it binds MAdCAM-1, selling HIV-1 seize by and an infection of MAdCAM-expressing cells, which in flip mediate trans-infection of bystander cells. Useful α4β7 is current in circulating virions from HIV-infected sufferers and SIV-infected macaques, with peak ranges through the early phases of an infection. In vivo homing experiments documented selective and particular uptake of α4β7+ HIV-1 virions by excessive endothelial venules within the intestinal mucosa.

The introduction started with the next:

Though human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) establishes a life-long an infection that progresses to overt illness over the course of a number of years and even many years, the early occasions of virus-host interplay are essential in figuring out the tempo of illness development. A key anatomical web site for virus replication and pathogenesis throughout main HIV-1 an infection is the gut-associated lymphoid tissue, which is believed to offer the biggest reservoir within the physique of CD4+ T lymphocytes, the first goal cells for HIV-1 replication 

And continued:

Accordingly, the principal gut-homing integrin, α4β7, has been recognized as an extra mobile receptor for HIV-1 and is rising as a essential molecule within the pathogenesis of HIV-1 illness. Expression of α4β7 on T cells promotes their trafficking to the intestine by way of interplay with MAdCAM-1, which is expressed at excessive ranges on excessive endothelial venules (HEV) within the intestinal Peyer’s patches, lamina propria and mesenteric lymph nodes, in addition to on follicular dendritic cells (DCs) within the intestine mucosa. Intestinal DCs play a essential function within the recruitment and retention of T cells into the intestine compartment by means of the manufacturing of retinoic acid (RA), a vitamin A metabolite that induces α4β7 expression, thereby imprinting a gut-homing phenotype on these cells.

Whereas there is no such thing as a method to know at this level whether or not or not this hypothetical reengineering of COVID-20 has occurred, we suspect the primary information might have been signaled in stories that COVID-19 is quickly mutating. If COVID-20 has been created and already launched, we anticipate the newly re-engineered virus might hit america as early as September 2020, some 4 months therefore from the drafting of this text.

If COVID-20 had been to be re-engineered within the style described in these three articles, we consider COVID-20 could be quicker appearing and extra deadly that COVID-19, with the power to contaminate and trigger mortality amongst even youthful adults with comparatively wholesome immune programs. These experiencing comorbidity situations and the aged could be notably weak. We are able to even think about that a few of these with weaker immune programs could possibly be contaminated and die inside a comparatively quick time frame. With the immune system impaired by the HIV-1 assault, the SARS-like pulmonary assault might colonize and propagate within the lungs with considerably lowered resistance.


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